Sterling VA OBGYN: Pregnancy FAQ

Is it normal for swelling to occur in pregnancy?
Some swelling in pregnancy is normal, due to the increased blood flow in pregnancy. Common sites of swelling in pregnancy are the fingers, ankles, and toes. To decrease the swelling, we recommend increasing your water intake, and elevating body parts that are swelling. You should call your provider immediately if your swelling becomes painful, your fingers or toes appear discolored, or if the swelling occurs above your ankles or in your face.

What should I do if I have been exposed to chicken pox?
If you are pregnant and contract or have been exposed to chicken pox, call your health provider immediately. Further testing may be required and will be something your provider discusses with you.

What can I do for a headache in pregnancy?
If you develop a headache in pregnancy you can take 2 Tylenol Extra Strength, sit down and evaluate if headache resolves. Some women will eat food and ingest a very small amount of caffeine at time of taking Tylenol. If headache persists or worsens, if headache is the worst you have ever experienced, or if visual changes occur your provider needs to be contacted immediately or go to the ER.

What can I do to relieve constipation in pregnancy?
Constipation is very common in pregnancy. The best way to prevent or ease constipation is to increase your water and fiber consumption. If alteration of your intake is not enough a twice daily stool softener, such as Colace, is recommended. Laxatives are not recommended.

Is it normal for my gums to bleed in pregnancy?
Bleeding gums are a common symptom in pregnancy due to the large amounts of circulating progesterone. It is recommended that proper dental hygiene be continued in pregnancy, which includes regular visits to your dentist. Flossing and using a soft bristle toothbrush can prevent excess irritation to gums. If bleeding worsens, pain, masses, lesions, or odor from gums appears contact your provider or dentist.

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