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OBGYN Reston, VAEating disorders are a common yet under-recognized condition in women. While many are able to overcome the disorder to lead a normal life, it appears that in the long term eating disorders may have an impact on pregnancy. But what exactly is the relationship between the two? In this article, we briefly review the connection between eating disorders and complications in pregnancy.


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twinsAccording to studies, more than a third of twin births and more than three-quarters of triplets or higher-order births in the United States are the result of assisted reproductive technologies. Since 1980, when the IVF medical techniques were introduced in the country, the rate of twins in all births has climbed seventy percent, to 3.5 percent of births in 2004.

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There is no doubt that these assisted fertility treatments are a boon for couples who cannot have babies in a natural way. However, multiple births raise medical risks and hospital bills for moms and babies.  Studies show triplets are five times as likely to die as single babies, while twins have two and a half times the risk of fatal complications after the birth.