The Laser Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a fast-growing procedure in aesthetic plastic surgery in Northern Virginia

DoctorThe Laser Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is considered one of the fast-growing procedure in aesthetic plastic surgery in Virginia and in the United States and the supporters of the vaginal rejuvenation surgery say that they provide this service for patients who have genuine concern about the appearance and the function of that area of their body and have a legitimate reason to seek physical enhancement just like any other body part even in the absence of dysfunction or disfigurement.The Challengers of vulvovaginal rejuvenation on the other hand question other aspects like the safety, effectiveness and the benefits from using the laser. Some others believe that external vulvar procedures may enhance the appearance of the genitalia but may not serve a functional role.

When a woman visits the OBGYN’s office with a request to seek information about the cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation surgery, the gynecologist should first look into the rationale behind the patient’s need for this procedure before agreeing to do surgery. A big part of the gynecologist in this case is to educate the women about the various appearances of external genitalia. While many of the laser vaginal rejuvenation seekers view this procedure as risk-free and do not expect major discomfort or issues with the postoperative recovery, it is important for the cosmetic OBGYN doctor to explain to the patient everything regarding treatment options and the minor risks of pain, infection, scarring as well as the benefits of this surgical options.

Patients should do their research and be informed before they start looking for the right surgeon since there are no established clear guidelines in training and surgical techniques, do it is important to find the right surgeon who has received a good training.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) has a proven track record after being developed by Dr. David Matlock around 20 years ago. Dr. Ayoub originally trained and has intimate knowledge of Dr. Matlock’s practice.

Dr. Ayoub does hundreds of gynecologic surgeries year before he decided to introduce Laser vaginal rejuvenation to Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area including Maryland and the District of Columbia