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Our board-certified GYN physician Dr. Jack Ayoub and his team at Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology in Leesburg, VA, are dedicated to helping women take charge of their reproductive health through…

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Choosing good Gynecologist is essential for women’s health through various stages of life including before, during and after pregnancy, childbirth and after that. An obstetrician is a specialist who takes care…

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DoctorThe Laser Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is considered one of the fast-growing procedure in aesthetic plastic surgery in Virginia and in the United States and the supporters of the vaginal rejuvenation surgery say that they provide this service for patients who have genuine concern about the appearance and the function of that area of their body and have a legitimate reason to seek physical enhancement just like any other body part even in the absence of dysfunction or disfigurement.

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Dr. Ayoub respects the patient’s decision to not have an epidural placed and has extensive experience working with patient using various methods of natural childbirth. If our patient does not…

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Cosmetic Gynecology expert Dr. Jack Ayoub been serving patients in the Loudoun County, VA area for many years, and the team of professionals continuously strive to deliver a wide range…

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At Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology, we think that weight gain in pregnancy is a very important issue as it can affect both the mother and the baby’s health. This blog should help expecting mothers understand the issue. Our Leesburg, VA OBGYN Dr. Jack Ayoub recommends that pregnant women should monitor their weight and calculate their body mass index (BMI), there are many tools online that women can use, they can ask their OBGYN to recommend one or simply search for “BMI Calculator” and they will find many, it is important to use one that is reliable from a trusted source.

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Doctors and many organizations in the United States such as The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that girls age between the age of thirteen and fifteen start seeing a gynecologist once their menstrual cycle begins. If parents are interested in their daughter getting the HPV vaccine, then an earlier visit is recommended.

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