Month: <span>January 2015</span>

Pregnancy on one hand is a joy for the women and whole family, while on the other hand there are many troubles and issues that the pregnant woman has to bear. Back pain is one of the common complain reported to gynecologists during pregnancy.


Patients Choice Award LogoDr. Ayoub has once again been recognized as a Patients’ Choice doctor and received the following letter:

Dear Dr.  Ayoub:

Congratulations! The people have spoken – and you have won a 2014 Vitals Patient’s Choice Award.

For the past seven years, Vitals Patients’ Choice has recognized top-performing doctors based on the reviews and ratings collected during the calendar year. Doctors need an average rating of 3.5 or higher out of 4-star rating system and have a medical license in good standing with no sanctions.


OBGYN doctors recommend Vitamin-D Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) is an important fat soluble vitamin with role in not just bone health and density, but also in other body functions including immunity, cell growth, neuromuscular system, etc.

Vitamin D and Pregnancy

In recent studies, correlation between vitamin D levels and pregnancy are evident. The vitamin D levels not only affect the mother but also the fetus and thus it’s associated with the outcome of pregnancy and health of a newborn.

Researches are going on to understand the role of Vitamin D in pregnancy, including placental implantation, development of blood vessels, immunity, inflammation and blood sugar level.

Evidences shows that mothers vitamin D levels during pregnancy may contribute to:

– Pregnancy induced hypertension
– Preeclampsia
– Gestational diabetes
– Poor fetal growth
– Preterm delivery
– Post partum depression

Therefore it’s recommended to discuss with your OBGYN during routine pregnancy visits regarding any possibility of vitamin D deficiency.