How often do pregnant women need to visit their OBGYN?

For pregnant women, regular prenatal visits should become part of their schedule, as many expecting mothers can tell you, there is so much excitement to these visits. They will learn their estimated due date and they hear their baby’s heartbeat.

At Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology, our gynecologist doctor Jack Ayoub tracks the mother’s health records and he recommends certain nutrition and activity guidelines, he also clarify what to expect during labor and delivery, Doctor Jack Ayoub offers his patients tips on how to take care of themselves before, during and after birth. Dr. Ayoub serves patients in his Leesburg OBGYN office and Dulles, VA OBGYN offices

So what is the recommended prenatal schedule? For a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Ayoub prefers to see his patients at least once a month during the period between the week 4 – 28 and one visit every two weeks between weeks 28-36 and one visit per week between weeks 36-40.

At Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology we recommend that patients make sure to stick to the schedule that doctor Ayoub suggests — even if the patient gets busy with other things.

The prenatal visits are very important for both mom and baby, says Dr. Ayoub, in fact, when a mother doesn’t follow the schedule, the recommended guidelines, her baby is more likely to have a low birth weight, he added. When doctor Ayoub checks his patients according to the recommended schedule, he can spot any issues or complications early and find the solution and this will lead to a healthier pregnancy.

Things to know about the prenatal visits:

The recommended schedule is a suggested schedule and can differ from case to case; doctor Ayoub will decide how often to see the patient based on the pregnant women health condition. Your doctor prefers to see patients more often if she had an existing health issues. He may request additional tests as well.

Patients who are 35 years and older because after age 35 need to see their OBGYN doctor more because they have more chance of having a baby born with a defect. Doctor Ayoub may want to see those patients more often.

Other cases that might need to have more visits are pre-existing health problems such as history of diabetes or high blood pressure, asthma, lupus, anemia, or obesity.

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