Myomectomy Surgery in Loudoun County, VA

For years, Dr. Jack Ayoub has been named one of the top Gynecologists in Loudoun County, Ashburn, and Leesburg VA for his outstanding obstetrical and gynecological services. Dr. Ayoub is an award-winning Gynecologist serving patients in Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas.

As robotic surgery become more popular and surgeons have become more comfortable with robotics, Dr. Ayoub started performing minimally invasive gynecology procedures including hysterectomies and myomectomy—something doctors would never have considered few years ago. Robotic surgeries mean less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and much faster recoveries.

“Robotic surgery allows my patients to get back to their lives a lot quicker, in this area, everybody is very busy at work and have busy schedules and five to fourteen days later they are back at work, and they love that, they have to refrain from intercourse, heavy lifting or working out for eight weeks, but otherwise they can do their normal activities, they go home same day, 25% of patients they go home same day” Says Dr. Ayoub. “Not every patient is a candidate for robotic procedures. Those who have had major operations or are significantly overweight may still need open surgery.” He added.

Dr. Ayoub has become a leader in the Robotic Surgery in Virginia, he uses sophisticated techniques for the management of gynecologic cancers. Dr. Ayoub has been recognized as a leading expert in his field.