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Obstetrical Care

Congratulations! We are excited for the opportunity to care for you during your pregnancy.

We have partnered with Reston hospital to optimize your pregnancy. This collaboration provides personalized prenatal care by Dr. Ayoub and his team for all your office visits, while having 24/7/365 coverage by the laborists at Reston hospital for your delivery. During your pregnancy, you will have the opportunity to meet with the physicians at Reston to coordinate you delivery.

At the time of labor, Dr. Ayoub will contact the team at Reston and prepare them for your arrival. Dr. Ayoub will be working closely with his partnering physicians to ensure all your labor needs are met. Dr. Ayoub will be your point of contact throughout your pregnancy and delivery. He will also provide you with your follow-up outpatient postpartum care.

We are proud to have assisted and optimized the delivery of over 4000 babies. We look forward to the next 4000 babies! We hope you honor us by being your choice for obstetrics care.

Prenatal care

Management of high risk bstetrics

  • Multifetal pregnancies
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

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We are excited to announce that we now offer obstetric delivery services and gynecologic surgeries at Reston Hospital Center!

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Cord blood preservation

We encourage our expecting parents to visit and learn about umbilical cord blood preservation."