Natural Childbirth in Leesburg, VA

Dr. Ayoub respects the patient’s decision to not have an epidural placed and has extensive experience working with patient using various methods of natural childbirth. If our patient does not have an epidural in place and her labor is progressing without problems, she is generally free to move around and encouraged to use a birthing ball and other varying positions, including walking, as the labor and delivery unit utilizes wireless monitoring. The environment is generally kept as quiet as possible and the lights may be kept low if you desire.

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Dr. Ayoub encourages, but does not require an IV to be placed, unless it is required for GBS antibiotic prophylaxis, fluid administration, or emergency needs. He rarely used fetal scalp electrodes and sparingly uses pitocin and/ or amniotomy. Dr. Ayoub will make every attempt to involve you in the decision-making process.

Most patients deliver in the lithotomy position (semi-upright lying position with thigh and knees flexed). Alternate positioning is supported if epidural is not present. Mirrors are available so that you may view your progress while pushing if you desire. Your partner and nurse will help support your legs if necessary. Your newborn will be placed on your abdomen as long as routine delivery has occurred and there is no reason to evaluate the baby in more detail by neonatology and/or pediatricians. Requests for cord blood pulsation to stop before cutting the cord may be accommodated. Pediatrics and/or Neonatology personnel will be present depending on the doctors concerns regarding your infants well-being.

Cesarean Delivery in Loudoun County, VA:
Should a cesarean delivery be necessary, you will be fully informed and involved in the decision-making process. The surgery occurs in the operating rooms at the Labor and Delivery unit. One person will be allowed into the surgical room if general anesthesia is not used. We encourage parents to be able to be with infant soon after cesarean delivery. In the case of cesarean delivery, the operative site is sterile so the birth support person will not be able to cut the umbilical cord.

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