Minerva Surgery in Loudoun County, VA

What is Minerva?
Minerva is the first new endometrial ablation device on the market in the last 15 years and was designed address some of the drawbacks of previous endometrial ablation systems.

Why Minerva?
Minerva reduces patient discomfort during and after the procedure, provides additional safety features, and improves the percentage of patients who experience a complete cessation of their menstrual bleeding.  The Minerva system uses three methods to burn the lining of the endometrial cavity and in so doing can use less energy to achieve a more complete treatment of the surface of the entire cavity.  After initial measurements of the uterine cavity, a silicone lined membrane is introduced into the endometrial cavity.  This membrane is filled with argon gas which is heated until it becomes plasma.  The heat from the plasma heats the silicone membrane that is in contact with the surface of the womb cavity.  This heat desiccates the endometrium.  Heat from the silicone membrane also heats the small amount of fluid that is typically present in the womb cavity to allow superficial burning of any part of the endometrium that is not in direct contact with the silicone membrane.  Finally, a portion radio frequency energy used to heat the argon gas also heats the endometrium but with less energy than other radio frequency ablations like Novasure.

The use of less energy results in less pain and cramping during the procedure, which means that it can be performed with a patient fully awake in the office under a local anesthetic block of the cervix.  Most patients experience only mild to moderate cramping or pressure.   The procedure itself takes four minutes to complete.  In a study to assess the effectiveness of the Minerva endometrial ablation device, 92% of women who underwent the Minerva endometrial ablation a significant reduction in their bleeding and 66% had no bleeding at all after the procedure.  Overall, 98% of those women were satisfied with their procedure.   Rates of post-procedure bleeding, cramping, discharge, bloating, and nausea were all low.

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