Leesburg, VA OBGYN: Weight gain in pregnancy


At Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology, we think that weight gain in pregnancy is a very important issue as it can affect both the mother and the baby’s health. This blog should help expecting mothers understand the issue. Our Leesburg, VA OBGYN Dr. Jack Ayoub recommends that pregnant women should monitor their weight and calculate their body mass index (BMI), there are many tools online that women can use, they can ask their OBGYN to recommend one or simply search for “BMI Calculator” and they will find many, it is important to use one that is reliable from a trusted source.

The importance of weight gaining in pregnancy

The question we need ask is how would the weight of the pregnant woman during pregnancy affects the baby’s health and her ability to have a safe vaginal delivery? If the pregnant woman gains too much weight she may have a higher risk of having a baby that is too large; and if she gains too little weight, she will be at a higher risk of having a baby that is too small.   This issue can be very important because it can determine the type of delivery (bigger babies may need cesarean delivery), also, larger babies are at increased risk of birth trauma due to something called “shoulder dystocia” at the time of vaginal delivery.

If the baby’s weight is over nine pounds, that may increases the baby’s risk of low blood sugar after delivery and it also increases the baby’s risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease later in life.   Generally, if weight gain is a lot more than normal that can increase the mother’s risk of developing gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy.

If your OBGYN mentions that you are overweight, or gained too much weight during your pregnancy, you should not be offended. The good news is, pregnancy weight gain is something that can be controlled.

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