Irregular Menstrual Bleeding treatment in Loudoun County, VA

Most women will face a time in their lives when irregular menstrual bleeding, medically known as abnormal uterine bleeding, causes concern and interruption in daily life. While not all irregular bleeding is dangerous, the inconvenience and discomfort affects normal daily living. Women face the task of finding a solution to this complex problem that is compatible with their active lifestyle. Finding the right doctor is critical to proper evaluation and treatment.

Irregular bleeding occurs at various stages of a woman’s life for different reasons. In general, adolescent girls usually have some irregular bleeding during the first one or two years after the start of menstruation. Bleeding at this age is mostly due to the normal physiologic process of an ovulation, or lack of regular ovulation during menstrual cycles.

Treatment of heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding depends on what cause was found. It also matters what the plans for a future family are.  If there is no obvious cause, there are many options including contraception pills, injectable hormones, endometrial ablation, and uterine artery embolization.

If you have heavy and irregular periods there is help available.  Don’t restrict your life to suit your periods.  Let us help you control your periods to suit your life.

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