Cosmetic Gynecology in Virginia: Is Labiaplasty Procedure Right for You?

Cosmetic Gynecology: Labiaplasty in Virginia

Is Labiaplasty right for you? Or, have you ever thought about getting a Labiaplasty? In Virginia, many women never heard of such surgery, but some — those who have medical conditions or discomforts such as vaginal relaxation — are looking at this option seriously and considering the procedure, which is relatively quick and no pain surgery as a solution to painful health conditions.

Millions of women in the United States live with symptoms of the relaxation of the vagina and stress urinary incontinence, this sort of health condition may start after giving birth, maybe aging, or for the 2 reasons together. It is good to mention that over seventy percent of women encounter the urinary stress incontinence condition during pregnancy or after giving birth. The vaginal relaxation is also called pelvic relaxation, a health condition that can cause many different symptoms, including aches in the vaginal area, pressure, or issues with control the bladder, and difficulty having normal bowel movement.

The question that many women ask, is there a solution for pelvic relaxation? The answer is, there can be.

If you ever heard of Kegel exercise you would know that it is the traditional solution for pelvic relaxation, Kegels are exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce the symptoms related to the issue. But a lot of women stated that Kegel as a solution have not given them the relief they are looking for.

In some rare cases, doctors may recommend a hysterectomy or the removal of the uterus, but now, a new and painless procedure is being offered as an option or a substitute solution to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles without having to route to major procedure. Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery Institute Of Virginia offers a quick, outpatient procedure that can be done in about an hour; this procedure uses the laser to correct the pelvic problem.

To discover whether this surgery is right for you, schedule a consultation with your doctor and talk to him or her openly about your options. If you live in North Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland areas, you can contact the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute Of Virginia to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jack Ayoub.

Dr. Jack Ayoub, a board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Ayoub is committed to providing patients the stability in knowing that their physician is available.